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On a good day in the studio I work fast and talk out loud to the elements as I go. It is like a raucous party attended by Miles Davis and Mozart, Gregorian priests and my mother, an old boyfriend, Donald Trump and the Dalai Lama, Marilyn Monroe and an elderly Agnes Martin – all showing up as the shapes, lines and colors go down. I’m never sure who or what is going to appear or if the parts will play well together. Inevitably there is a big complicated problem on the canvas and I have to start negotiating: which parts stay and which get painted out. The wordless language of painting is about bringing something to life and then letting it go. Dare to say goodbye to the precious bit and hallelujah! - something wonderful shows up in its place. A balance of generosity and ruthlessness, an equal presence of thought and impulse – it all plays a staring role in my paint universe.

While abstract, my paintings nod deeply to the landscapes of my daily life: the great, agricultural valley - aerial views from drones and airplanes - books I am reading – visits to the sea - birdlife in our garden - riverbed rocks and stones that I gather and keep with great affection – and my dismay and wonder at our rapidly changing world.

I live and work in Winters and Sausalito in Northern California.  I studied painting and printmaking at UCDavis with Wayne Thibeaud and Roland Peterson and returned to my work in 2017.  I love working on paper, but also work on wood panels - in acrylics, oil, collage, drawing and most often I mix it all up.

Recently I have studied with Nicholas Wilton, Mark Eanes, Lisa Pressman, Sara Post and Michael Shemchuk.

Painting makes me feel alive.  Perhaps seeing this work will amplify your experience too.

Many of these paintings are for sale.  If you would like to have one, please contact me directly.