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Jamie Madison

I am an abstract artist living and working in Winters, California near Davis.  I studied painting and printmaking at UCDavis in the 1970s with Wayne Thibeaud and Roland Peterson and returned to my work in 2017.  I work in oils on paper and wood panels, in acrylics, collage and most often in mixed media. 

Inspired by color, line, shape, texture, mood, music, renaissance paintings, animals, plants and by our dramatically changing world, I react as I go, sensing what the painting wants to be and when it has arrived there. There are few words in this visceral world.

Recently I have studied with Nicholas Wilton, Mark Eanes, Lisa Pressman and Michael Shemchuk.

Painting makes me feel alive.  Perhaps seeing this work will amplify your experience too.

Many of these paintings are for sale.  If you would like to have one, please contact me directly.